November 24 2020 ----

 I figured out I need a power supply for my ant miner. I was doing stuff tell now but I thought Id tell you now I need one. I have to wait for some money from my payee to buy a one so who knows when my payee will send me more money. She usually takes her time and still does not send it. I asked for the rest of my stimulus check that we got back 6 months or something ago. Oh well I will get it in time and im not sure if its a good idea to have it set up here at the group home anyways sense they mop daily and might tear all the cords out to get it out of the way every time. Also... I have been working on splash pages and stuff for Traffic Exchanges so here is a link to this last one I just made and put up on Traffic Swirl token ads..  Click this next link to see it.. It has all my faucet pages for express crypto on it. So join them and surf daily on the faucets. Ok i am off back to making pages and surfing on global hits 2 u as of right now. Peace....


November 19 2020 ----

 Well I am supposed to get a Ant Miner today. The Shipping said on November 19 so I will see. It is only a 4th miner so im not sure if im going to make any money off it. I am not paying electricity so I will make pure profit so i am sure I will make a few bucks from it.  Other then that I am getting a new apt. My case manager said he had a place in mind he just had to come back and talk to me about it. I am hopping some girls live in or around or at least a store with in walking distance. I can get my food card back and that is a very good thing. I hope I can get some bucks together to help promote and other sites I have been working on. I just made my 4th Traffic Exchange named MineyHits.GA. Me and my partner in Traffic Exchanges are looking for cheap design and he is going to pay the bulk share. So other then that I am signing off and to every one a good seasons greetings and a great Christmas and a happy New Year.